How To Set Up Spam Filtering


Your Exchange account comes with a built in spam filter.

You configure the filter to deliver all spam, quarantine spam or delete all spam emails.

Most users prefer spam emails to be quarantined as it allows you to check for any emails that may actually be genuine.

To configure your spam filter do the following:

  • Open this link in your web browser:
  • Login with your exchange email address and password
  • Click on Configuration and then Address Settings
  • You will now see this screen:
  • To Quarantine your spam emails select 'retain in quarantine' and the select how often you would like to be notified of any spam mail.  Daily is recommended
  • Alternatively you can select 'deliver with subject keyword' and attach a keyword to the front of the email subject
  • The final option is 'immediately delete' which will delete the spam before it reaches your mailbox.  This option is not recommended as it may delete valid emails.
  • Click on 'Apply settings to all addresses' and then click on Save.
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