iPhone Configuration

Follow these steps to set up email on your iPhone or iPad

  1. Click on the Settings icon

  2. Scroll down and select Mail, Contacts, Calendars

  3. Select Add Account

  4. Select Other

  5. Select Add Mail Account

  6. Type in your name, your full email address and your email password. then select Next

  7. Make sure you select POP

  8. Then fill in the following information:

    Incoming Mail Server
    Host Name: pop.boocoo.com.au
    Username: type your email address
    Password: type your email password

    Outgoing Mail Server
    Host Name: smtp.boocoo.com.au
    Username: type your email address
    Password: type your email password

  9. Your phone will say Verifying for a little while then show this message.  Select Yes. 

    It may ask you this a couple of times.  Select Yes every time until your mail is set up.

  10. Depending upon your internet provider you may see this error message:

    If you do press OK and follow the next steps.

  11. Press on Save at the top right of the screen and you will then see this message:

    Press on Save again.
  12. You will see your email listed on the Accounts screen.  Press on it and you will then see this screen.  Press on SMTP.

  13. Press on it again on the next screen:

  14. On the next screen set the SMTP port to 42025.  Make sure Use SSL is off (not green).
    Press on Done.

  15. Press the Home button on your phone and press on the Mail icon.  Your email should now start to download.




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